About us

Knockout Entertainment

Knockout Entertainment (KO) is an independent music record label founded by Ray J in 1994 when he was 13. While Ray J was honing his skills as an artists signing with Electric Records, Knockout Entertainment continue to build momentum as an independent label. In 2005 Knockout Entertainment signed a joint venture agreement with Sanctuary Records. The label’s debut, Ray J’s Raydiation album—released September 2005—included the top twenty hit “One Wish” and went on to sell 1 million copies worldwide. In December 2007 Knockout Entertainment announced a new partnership with E1 Records and released the 5x platinum “Sexy Can I.”
Because Knockout Entertainment is an independent and self-financed label without the restrictions of a typical corporate dictatorial structure, we are destined to contribute positively in an ever-changing music scene. Today less and less funds are available for nurturing and developing new talent due to drastic cuts in all areas of budges by the major record labels especially in the area of artists’ developments. Knockout Entertainment is unique due to its independent financial strength in supporting such talent that requires full developmental programs.

We are here to support all genres of music to help new and raw talent to start their journey with us.

Knockout Entertainment has been instrumental in working closely with other indie labels and new media for artists and marketing by providing ongoing and extensive press and radio campaigns, tour promotion, festival exposure, street marketing, film and TV licensing, retail marketing and merchandising. We believe that a creative environment has to be a breeding and nurturing environment in order to let the free spirits of creativity dictate the modes.