Prince Saheb

Saheb Singh p.k.a Prince Saheb is a music producer signed to Ray J’s Knockout Entertainment Label. Born in New Delhi, India, Prince has been musically inspired by his grandfather and his father from his early childhood. He only wanted to pursue music and destiny got him to a place he never knew he would be in. He was first discovered by Snoop Dogg’s Brother LA Buck (Prince Saheb’s Manager) and took him to new heights. His manager introduced him to Ray J and Ray J loved his production work and got him the theme song to his show Brandy and Ray J: A Family Business, at that time Prince Saheb was only 16.

After getting recognition for producing a hit theme song for Brandy and Ray J: A Family Business, Ray J quickly signed him to his label Knockout Entertainment. Prince Saheb continued his work and his hard work and motivation got him a placement on Lil Kim’s First Single, If You Love Me, which charted #51 on Amazon Charts around the world. Prince Saheb also has worked with many artist that are about to release the songs such as Jay Sean, Bobby Brackins, Ray J’s new album, Kurupt, Bohemia (Indian Rapper), Rick Ross, Drake, Mann, Lil Kim, Lambo Lux, Bobby Brackins, Ya Boy, Brandy, Shorty Mack, Moniece (Akon’s Artist), Jazmin (Persian Artist), Rich Rick, Marcus Paulk, New Boyz and many more.

Prince Saheb also is responsible for his sister’s career, Sahyba, which he got her signed to Ray J’s Label.

Prince Saheb continues to bring new music to the world and his diversity in music is what speaks for itself. When asking Prince Saheb a question that what makes him so different than other producers and he answered, “My music speaks for itself, I can produce any genre from Pop, Hip Hop, R&B, Rock, Country, etc.” Prince Saheb is definitely a gifted producer and will surprise us with many new songs coming out in the future.

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