The old saying “There is no substitute for the Truth” couldn’t be more accurate when it comes down to Los Angeles bred artist Truth,also known as TruthKO. Born Stefvon Kowlessar at the start of a new decade on New Year’s Day 1990 it was evident that being number one and on top was just destiny for Truth.

Fueled by his natural talent at songwriting and performing plus the musical influence of growing up watching his older brother SK pursue a promising music career, it was no surprise that Truth was set to follow in his brother’s footsteps especially with the support of SK’s best friend R&B star & actor Ray J. By age 15 with songs written and recorded it seemed it was only a matter of time before the rest of the world would be presented to this young star in the making.

Just when it all seemed within arms reach, Truth encountered a run-in with the law, which led to 3-year incarceration. Determined to not let this circumstance ruin his chance at success, he was finally released at the age of 18 years old hungrier then ever to pick up where he left off.

Truth’s first stop was a visit to the Billboard’s top 100 charts with his feature on the first single “Sexy Ladies” off the “For the Love of Ray J” soundtrack and other collaborations for the soundtrack by the young writer/producer with songs like “Paradise” and “Sex in the Rain”. Soon thereafter, Truth joined Ray J on a world wide tour where he showcased that not only was he a talent inside the studio but also on stage where he performed with Ray at sold out venues with crowds of as many as 10,000+ people.

After much anticipation Truth is now ready to take over the industry, His first mixtape “The book of Truth” hosted by Power 106’s DJ Charisma and the development of “Knockout Clothing” are just a couple of the projects currently under way for young Truth. With a goal to put his city of 818 on the map there is no doubt it is only matter of time before the world is introduced to the lifestyle of one of California’s finest & most talented, TruthKO.

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